Sep 01


La 3era era la vencida

Porque aunque venias a robarme la alegría y dejarme toda tu desolación

Te quedaste únicamente con las ganas de seguir a mi lado…

Porque aunque te di todo lo que tenia cuando te vi vacío

No pudiste conservar absolutamente nada…

Porque aunque ambos sabemos que somos el uno para el otro

Insistes en buscar otra que se parezca a mi…

Porque aunque la vida nos dio una tercera oportunidad

Decidiste dejarla pasar…

Porque aunque te amo con todo mi ser

Te alejas… y yo estoy por preferirte así, lejos de mi.



Ago 29

A tu lado

El mundo ya era interesante antes de conocerte
La vida ya era una aventura antes de besarte
El tiempo ya era eterno antes de perderme en tus ojos
La felicidad ya era parte de mis dias antes de reir contigo
Todo era antes de ti y estaba bien
La diferencia es que ahora contigo todo eso es mejor…


Ago 28

Risk we should take

I can’t see the sun light
Ironicly I was called ray of light once before
I can’t find the rainbow
Although it’s raining monsoon on my door
I can’t hear the angels wispers
But I can feel their wings flapping
I can’t smell the flowers
But I can see all their colors
I guess it’s ment to be this way for a while
A mystery and a maze to solve
Putting love above it all…


Tu aroma exitante me siguio camino a casa, se quedo a mi lado toda la noche y desaparecio al amanecer con todos mis sueños…Anti

Ago 26

Aila and the Sultan

You see I knew where the road would end because we have been there before.
Still I let this happen again.
I saw us in paradise and not just in my premonition, we where actually there for a few days.
So I took your hand to show the way, I was sure this time it wasn’t a waste,  deeper into it and thats when you pulled back.
You just had to run away taking all my light and leaving me with your darkness.
I ask myself how dare I believe in us again?
How could I do this to my self?
How could you do that to yourself?
And why would we do this to us again?
Everyone has an answer for this, but I really don’t care much for it because I know why I know exactly why …
Some bonds never change until we cut the red cord.
Sweet dreams my loving sultan.

From my novel.

Ago 25


Yes I’m disappointed in you
For making me believe you changed
For lying to my face
For sweeping me off my feet
But im angry at my self
For believing in you
For letting you get to me
For falling for you


I want a simple thing,  yet for some reason it’s the most complicated… Anti

Ago 24

Pinky promise

I was cleaning some drawers
And found a CD whit pictures
We have many by the sea
Sitting in the sand watching the sun set

I also foud a spider ring
From that costume party
We always accidentally dress up as some duo

I digged deeper and found a box of mints
It had a napkin inside filled with promises
We always fall for each other every time we meet

I stopped cleaning, sat for a moment
And saved just the CD and the ring
We have broken most promises
But we can always mend and make more…