Jul 31

No words

I have no words to describe the infinite blackness of your deep outstanding eyes, I have not yet begun to understand the profound agitation in your heavy sexy breath interacting with mine and I still wonder how is it possible to loose oneself in another blending in an armonic balanced perfection. It is only with you that I ponder the meaning of all and nothing at all.

I belive its been endless lifes of encounters in this universe and many others, I believe the conection is so strong we must blend once again to tame our demons an rest our kind souls beneath the magic of a stary night.

Maybe someday we’ll create a beating hearth in the abism of my loins with our joy and find out the answer to every question in an innocent voice.

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Jul 27


Quiero despertar

Encontrarte a mi lado

Suspirar al verte soñar

Pero mi cama sigue vacía

Mi corazón sigue latiendo solo

Mi alma busca alguien con quien volar…


“… and then I said to myself: Just do it, just write. The words will come and every page will be filled with everything and all shall read and all shall know the tale that must be told. Anti”

Una guía

Desde la primera vez que te vi
Hasta el último beso que te di
Cada momento es una maraña de segundos
Inmortalizados en recuerdos
Algunos como vinagre
Otros como chocolate
Desearía tanto detener el tiempo
Acariciara lento tu cabello
Deslizaría mis labios por cada rincón
En tu oido cantaría una suave canción.
Así que entre palabras nunca dichas,
Tonterías acumuladas
Y sentimientos amurallados
Espero logremos ver la luz en la neblina…


Jul 23

What you waiting for?

Waiting for the right time
To make the move
You take it slow
And act so smooth

Wishing you belive
The signs that sparkle
Its everywhere and every time
But everything goes marbles

We always sit toghether
We stop the clock from ticking
Reset and try to mend
But still you run away from thinking

We always feel something real
And give in to all the rush
It’s such a trill
But you still run from all the fuss

So once again I can’t stay still
If you don’t make the move I’m wishing
Just don’t cry and make a mess
Don’t go crazy when I’m missing


Jul 20

Who where we?

You where you and I was we
We where you and I wasn’t me
I had enough it had to stop
I became me and needed time
You changed to we desperately
I left us behind you began to cry
Now I was you and you where me
But I was set free.


Jul 19

“My favorite place to go is where i’ve never been before. Anti”

Word painting

That weird and dull moment

When you wish you could paint a picture

With all kinds of blues and purple

And that’s when you discover

You describe every color

Every feeling in the horizon

All smells in the sky

And the sound the wind makes when it cryes

Words carry out what you see

Helps those who can’t take a look 

Bring light to every cave

And heal every pain

So instead of a brushing stroke

I paint with words and hope…


...Comic-con... -



Esperando la Comic-Con

Para algunos de los integrantes de Yología ya casi es tradición ir a Comic-Con. Moverse en un mar de gente, que siempre tiene algo que ofrecer.

Ir a Comic-Con es toda una experiencia, asistentes de todas partes del mundo que se reúnen en un sólo punto para disfrutar…