Remember the first time we kissed? - he said

I always kiss you as if it was the last time and that’s why I remember every touch of your lips… - I said


I love you too

You may tie your tongue
Bite your lips
Twist your mouth
Lift an eyebrow
Or crunch them both
Scrunch your nose
Frown your toes
Squeeze a fist
And bounce the shoulders
When confronting me
But your eyes give you away…


Anti turned 3 today!

Anti turned 3 today!

What else?

I tarred down the buildings

Crushed every street and feeling

Plucked all lights and memories

Demolished the monuments and symbols

Drowned every sorrow and still you morrow…

What else must I do to make you stay today?

Aila dijo a Ras

I was perfect until I became the monster everyone said I was and I laughed as they ran away from me like mice on a sinking ship. They wanted a monster, a hideous creature of dispear, so I gave it to them. I gave them exactly what they deserved.

-extracto de novela.


“The one who understood did not care and the rest… neither. Anti”
Amor estelar

Entre pulsares me perdí
Mientras buscaba una estrella
Me enamore de un cometa
Lo seguí hasta una galaxia
Esquivando meteoritos
Brincando planetas
Deslizándome entre cúmulos
Aterricé en un anillo al perderlo de vista
Me dejé caer en el infinito
Ahora espero paciente
Donde el tiempo esta quieto
Tengo frío…


I never understood what it felt and ment to be one with another until I met you… Anti

You, always you…

You are my one in a million

You are the over the fence kind

You are who I was looking for

You are who I want to be with

Yet time is always against us

It only gives me a chance to love you and see you smile from a far…